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Ancient Coin Collecting and Investment Guide
a.k.a. Numismatic Coin Collecting and Investment Guide

The reason I believe that ancient coins are the best investment is that they are relatively unknown. There is a large assortment of various historical coins and it is possible to get some great deals in them. I believe that gold and silver may be a good place to "preserve" buying power, but to get higher returns, I believe ancient coins are the way to go. I think they are fantastically interesting. There is a limited amount of them on the market. Some of the richest people in the world have collected ancient coins. I have old auction catalogs of some famous collections such as the Morgan and Mercedes. What is also exciting is that you can pack a lot of value in a small space. Unlike a painting or pottery, or other types of larger items, these are relatively easy to have a lot of even in a limited space. There is also the element of buying from a trusted source. I am known worldwide for my great coins provided with these beautiful certificates, making them more valuable, and even more valuable as more people buy and know about me. Ancient coins are also very affordable. I have items on sale as low as $20. So, you can build up a great collection for relatively small amount of money. There is also talks about a lot of "money printing" going on, basically the increase of the money, supply, causing prices to go up, so just like anything else, it may be a great place to keep up with or outpace inflation.

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Books on Numismatics I recommend:

Ancient Coin Collecting, Easy To Read Books by Wayne G Sayles If you would like to get the standard reference that I cite for many of my Greek coins, buy Greek Coins and Their Values Volume 1: Europe and Greek Coins and Their Values (Volume II Asia and Africa). For silver coins of the Roman Republic up until Augustus, the best standard reference book on those coins is: Roman Silver Coins: The Republic to Augustus, Vol. 1. Ancient numismatics are fun and lucrative to collect, and even more so with reference works. Greek Imperial Coins and Values, The Local Coinages of the Roman Empire by David R.  Sear| Monumental Coins: Buildings & Structures on Ancient Coinage | Eric II The Encyclopedia of Roman Imperial Coins | Byzantine Coins and Their Values by David R. Sear | Roman Coins and Their Values, Vol. 1: The Republic and the Twelve Caesars 280 BC-AD 96 | Roman Coins and Their Values, Vol II, The Accession of Nerva to the Overthrow of the Severan Dynasty AD 96 - AD 235 (Vol 2) | Roman Coins and Their Values III: The Accession of Maximinus I to the Death of Carinus AD 235 - 285: | Roman Coins and Their Values, Volume IV: The Tetrachies and the Rise of the House of Constantine, AD 284-337 |

Starting is easy and fun, with some best-sellers below:
By clicking the links below, you will search my eBay store for those specific items. This is an excellent way to build up a collection of every Roman emperor that existed as I have many of the coins, and the rarer ones once in a while.

Just some very popular historical figures of Ancient times (more names to search for are on my site, www.trustedcoins.com):

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