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Dear Friend,

Wishing all the best to you and your loved ones.

I thought of you and all the wonderful people I have worked with over the years and how I can make everyone's life easier.

What I found is that it may be convenient for you to have a catalog of my entire inventory.

I now have a catalog you can browse through that you can save to your computer and/or print. This is my entire inventory as of September 29th, 2014, in alphabetical order and in easy-to-use PDF form, which you can download right to your computer. On it are over 10,600 items and it is 746 pages long.

View the Catalog today: to see the catalog.

Ancient Roman Camp Gate CoinsDownload this catalog by right-clicking here and selecting save as


Printing Recommendations: One recommendation is to use the print dialog box to select multiple pages and pages per sheet, select 2x2 if you want to use 4 times paper. Or you can just select the pages you only want printed. I also recommend printing it in black and white or grayscale. So perhaps if you came to a place that can print this for a fee for you, you can tell them to print it 4 pages per side of sheet, or 8 pages on 1 sheet of paper if printed on both front and back. Whatever is the best for you I am sure you can figure it out. If you want a good black and white printer that prints on both sides of the paper, I may recommend Brother HL2240D Monochrome Printer or Brother Printer HLL2340DW Monochrome Laser Printer with Wireless Networking and Automatic Duplex Printing.

May this be of great benefit to you my friend.


Ilya Zlobin

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