Guide to Ancient Byzantine Coins How To and Types to Collect and Where to Buy Them Online

This guide is designed to orient new collectors and perhaps investors into the field of ancient Byzantine Medieval coins. There are many coin types reviewed, which span over 600 years of history. The video along with the written format may be the best way to get oriented with the different coin types that are available. Also the best reference works on the subject are given in this article. This article goes over bronze, silver and gold coins that different emperors issued, along with the significance of the designs, mint marks and regnal years.

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The best reference work I mention in this video is Byzantine Coins and Their Values by David R. Sear. Also another work I mention is Ancient Coin Collecting Volume V by Wayne G. Sayles. Last book is Byzantine Coins by Whitting.

Click here to see the full article with the coins illustrated in the video.
Click here to see the article with video about Jesus Christ Ancient Byzantine Anonymous Class A-N Follis coins shown in the video that goes into more depth and is related to the Byzantine coins illustrated.

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Guide to Ancient Byzantine Coins

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