Guide to Collecting and Investing in Numismatic Ancient Greek and Roman Coins [ Book ]

Many years in the making which combines my knowledge and expertise of many years in ancient Greek and Roman coins and puts it together in one place. One of the benefits of this book is that it is available in many different editions and comes with a plethora of great information on ancient coin collecting and investing. This should save years off the learning curve in regards to ancient Greek and Roman coins. The full edition of the book is available to you free of charge online and as download, however there are Kindle and print versions you can also get should you find them more convenient.

Below are all different versions of this book you can enjoy. The book having many great links, which are clickable on the online version or PDF download versions.. You can print the PDF version on your own computer to have printed version that you can make notes on. You also have the possibility to buy the book for your Kindle or a print version too. I would much appreciate a positive review on the Kindle or Print version if you find this guide useful.

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