How to win eBay Auctions at the Lowest Prices

This tip may potentially save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, euros or pounds or whatever currencies you use. There is a way to program an automatic bid to be placed in the last few seconds of an eBay auction ending for you to win the item at the lowest possible price. The additional advantage is that since eBay is an international site, you have auctions ending at all different times in all different time zones and you have a chance to win them. Unless you are sitting in front of your computer and have alarms set, you likely won't be able to be there in the last few seconds of the item ending. Also, consider the time consideration of waiting in the last minutes of that auction, and possibly losing. Imagine you can have the advantage of placing the bid in the last few seconds, combined with having it done automatically, and winning at the lowest possible price, you would likely want to know how.

The traditional way for you to place a bid on an item is to place your maximum bid directly on eBay, which may be out-bid by someone possibly bidding even 1 cent more than you. You may have had the highest bid until the last seconds and then someone comes in with this low bid and that item is sold to that person. The advantage is that you didn't spend your time to bid in the last seconds.

Introducing the website that works fantastic to program the bid in the last few seconds is . They have a paid subscription service and a 3 bids a week free service on this site. You just set it up with your eBay account and copy and paste an eBay item number in there and set it when you want your maximum bid to be placed. The person you may be bidding against on the other end will not know what happened as you may win the bid every time, as you may be the highest bid without giving the other person a chance to outbid you.

I do not make any money from promoting this website, however I find myself selling some decent coins for really low prices when I have my Ancient Coins on Auction starting as low as 99 cents.  Since you my friend may be in a different time zone from me, I believe if that you knew how to program your bid, you may be the one that can win an ancient coin for only a few dollars or less in some cases. Plus I understand the reality, that since you use eBay you can benefit from this tip buying coins or anything else there. I would be more than happy if you, my friend, got as many items at the best possible prices as possible, as I do believe in doing good things for others.

In regards to finding the best deals on coins, I do find that many times I do give people deals of buying a coin for less than it would fetch on auction, especially when they make offers, as I have over 11,000 coins in my store. The store has many advanced features, and you can learn to use them here. The reason for this is that I consider all reasonable offers above what I paid for a coin. Plus you have the benefit to "Cherry-Pick" the best items and offer me the most competitive rates. There are times when I do have an item an extremely low cost to me, which can be worth more, but with the right offer I am happy to pass the savings on to you.  The additional benefit is that my coins are fully researched. The professional Certificate of Authenticity adds extra value to them, especially when you show them to someone that is not a professional in this field. It does take extra work and time to provide this additional benefit free, however I believe anything worth doing is worth doing well. This, I believe will add to tremendously to their re-sell value in the future. The most important thing though, is a professionally presented coin is a joy to own and you would want to keep it for generations.

You can email me: or call me at 1-917-776-7363 and I would be more than happy to help. Ask for Ilya. Additional articles and videos can be found on my website:

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