Investing Advice from Rare Coin Expert About Investment in Ancient Greek and Roman Numismatic Coins (Video)

Ancient Greek and Roman coin expert, enthusiast and dealer Ilya Zlobin discusses his investment advice in regards to ancient coins. He discusses topics such as the certificate of authenticity he provides with every coin, and the various certification and grading companies that are available for ancient coins. He explains what some investors in rare numismatic and ancient coins do to turn a coin into a commodity for the investing public. To make this investing guide complete, he tells you of where and how to sell ancient coins. Some of the places to sell ancient coins he mentions are auction houses, coin shows and even eBay. He also give expert advice on how you can sell an ancient coin on eBay right from your cell phone and how to ship the ancient coin from home.

He continues to discuss the various types of coins. He first starts with the beginning of ancient Greek coinage in the archaic time period where they had uni-face coins. He moves on to a coin of Philip II of Macedonia, who minted coins commemorating his Olympic games victory for horse racing. Afterwards moving onto the coins of Alexander the Great and the significance of him being depicted as Hercules on his coins. Afterwards he explains what the main ideas that coins of the Roman Republic had about them and shows several examples, one including the chariot, another featuring a battle scene. Moving onto a coin of Julius Caesar, he remarks that his coins are widely popular. Afterwards, he briefly touches on the subject of biblical history by talking about a coin of Pontius Pilate, a Roman ruler of Judaea (an area including Jerusalem) before whom Jesus Christ was brought to be crucified. Moving on to a rare coin of Caligula, whose memory was damned and many of his coins were melted down. Afterwards he shows a coin of Roman emperor Nero, who fiddled while Rome burned; on which location he built a huge palace for himself. However, to build this palace, he had to tax the provinces heavily and this brought the ancient Jewish people into revolt in the First Jewish Roman war which ended with the sacking of the second temple and brining of the sacred relics back to Rome in a triumphal parade. A coin declaring freedom of Zion by the ancient Jews is also shown in the video. Moving on to a historically popular emperor Marcus Aurelius of the Gladiator movie and his son Commodus whom became emperor after him and was also a gladiator as he enjoyed the sport. Next a coin of Constantine the Great is shown and Ilya remarks that his coins are surprisingly affordable with many being under even fifty dollars. And lastly an ancient medieval byzantine coin is shown featuring the image of Jesus Christ.

The last part of the video, after an amazing introduction into collecting and investing in ancient coins, Ilya shares his website, and recommends signing up to his free email update list in regards to more information about history and ancient coins and great information right to your email inbox and how you can scan the QR code on the screen and add his information to your contacts on your telephone.

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